We’re still here! No blog posts because we’ve been working day and night to get everything done at the house. As expected with most house projects, we are a little behind. Which means that I’ve officially entered the exhausted, fatigued and wacky stage. I haven’t gotten the pics off of my phone, but I almost want to wait because you won’t believe the things that have gone up in the last month.

– The outside trim is almost done. I think there are only a few pieces of wood left to be installed.

– The inside trim is 90% done. We are waiting on more materials to finish up baseboards, some mahogany trim, cabinet trim and the stairway.

– TimĀ  has finished the cabinet installation. He has NOT built the drawers and drawer fronts. This will wait until after we move in. Which is just dandy.

– Our finishers have started staining the mahogany and wood. Apparently, I am now a finishing assistant. Which means that I tape and sand. And sand. And sand. And sand.

– Tim and I did some speed painting on the poplar fascia to protect it in the weather. We’ll do all of our exterior painting after the winter, but we had one good day of warm weather, so we got as much done as possible.

The bad news? Tim is leaving for China on Sunday and not returning until December 19. So, he has a lot of work to do at night between now and Sunday.

The good news? I’m trying to surrender to the remodeling gods. Whatever gets done gets done. Whatever doesn’t, we’ll deal with after we move in.

I promise more pictures soon!

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